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My name is Samantha Allemann and I’m a Melbourne based freelance writer and editor.

I’ve been freelance writing since I was a teenager. In the 90s I wrote for my local newspaper about the issues facing youth (such as how to use electronic mail, and remembering which pocket of your cargo pants you put your Tamagotchi in). At 16 I sourced a fake ID to get me into gigs, not so I could drink, but so I could diligently take notes about the show and submit my reviews to street press.

Seeing my name in print was intoxicating. I was accepted into RMIT’s Professional Writing and Editing course, and since then I have written for many print and online publications.

Having completed the Australian Writers’ Centre Copywriting Essentials course, I also work as a freelance copywriter. I was the sub-editor of Pip Australian Permaculture magazine for several years so I also know how to work with writers (and when is the right time to plant potatoes).

I’m curious about many things and love speaking to people about what they’re passionate about. I pride myself on my ability to work quickly while still producing quality work. I always meet my deadlines and offer speedy turnarounds; an ability my editors have praised me for.

When I’m not writing or editing, I am pottering about trying to live as green as can be. You may have heard me on 3RRR FM playing music and talking in my radio voice. I like to be around cats.

The top photo shows me in action, speaking to an interviewee for a story on environmental activism. The photo below shows what I look like some other times.

Photograph credits:
Photos by Mathew Bate and Kristina Kingston Photography.

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